Our Name

Our name, Spectrum Integrity, reflects the consistency of signal integrity required for narrow band, RF, and broadband high speed signal transmission in advanced high-frequency applications. Each design is routed to ensure a consistent signal. Our experience, tools, and test equipment allow us to design to and maintain the integrity of higher frequencies.

Our designs are not the only place we focus on integrity. All aspects of our business are built on it.

Our Philosophy

Our customers look to us to fill a gap, need, or service to support their business. Those needs may be for a specific service such as test board design, fabrication, assistance with schematic layout, or a complete package solution from start to finish.

Whatever your needs, we will work with you to support your business and make it as easy as possible by not requiring a mountain of information up front and providing you with as much interaction or feedback as you like during each project.

Our Guarantee

Spectrum Integrity uses a staff of multi-disciplinary engineers and certified PCB designers to guarantee your designs match the approved schematic, netlist, and BOM footprints.

Spectrum Integrity will use our experience of tested "best practice" design techniques to design your PCB or if simulations have been performed we will use all of the specifications of the simulation in your design.

For component assistance, all components chosen by Spectrum Integrity will meet or exceed the specifications identified in the approved schematic.

Spectrum Integrity offers no other guarantee or warranty of simulation results, design performance or operating specifications.