High Speed PCB

10GHz Board Assembly

Flex Circuit

Flex Board

Metal Backed PCB

Metal Backed Board

Wirebond Chip on Board Assembly

Chip on Board

Microwave PCB

26.5GHz Microwave


Spectrum Integrity offers a continually expanding array of services. Originally focusing on Design Services we now offer fabrication and test services as well as products such as Custom Sockets and Heatsinks.

PCB Design

  • Semiconductor Product Evaluation Boards - designed for high-performance and for outstanding cosmetic appeal to make a great first impression with your customers
  • High-Frequency / High-Speed Lab Characterization Boards
  • Experimental R&D Boards for Commercial and Aerospace applications
  • Multi-chip-modules
  • Burn-in boards; both static and dynamic
  • Future applications include high-performance Semiconductor Load Boards

  • Prototype through medium volume.

Mechanical Designs
  • We offer an array of custom mechanical components including heatsinks and enclosures.

Test Services
  • Frequency and Time Domain Testing.