Terms and Conditions

Spectrum Integrity makes every effort to provide the highest quality, highest performing circuit boards for you. To do so all parties must understand their responsibilities and expectations. Listed below are the Guarantee, Terms, and Conditions Spectrum Integrity needs to make your projects and our relationship successful.


Spectrum Integrity warrants our PCB designs to match the approved schematic, whether developed by Spectrum Integrity or provided by you, our Client. Schematics and final PCB designs must be approved by our Client prior to design and fabrication. Upon approval of the schematic and/or design, our Clients assumes responsibility and liability for the accuracy and performance of the design.

Spectrum Integrity guarantees we will use our most advanced design techniques, rules, and procedures that have been proven to deliver performance and speeds among the highest in the industry.

Quotes and Orders

Quotations will be valid for 30 days from the date on the quotation. All time frames listed on quotes are in standard working days (Mon-Fri, excluding holidays). All shipments are FOB Spectrum Integrity's offices. All claims against the carrier must be made by the customer. Fabrication and assembly turn times stated in the quote are calculated in 24 hour periods upon receipt of a PO plus one day for Spectrum to inspect and ship the product.

Prices in quotations may, if stated as such, be budgetary for the benefit of the Customer to project the total cost of the project. Spectrum Integrity will use its previous history and best judgment to determine the material, layers, and technologies necessary to estimate accurate pricing. Final pricing can only be determined at the completion of the design phase. Many factors will affect the final pricing including changes to the design, material selection and availability, and technologies used in the design thus Spectrum integrity makes no claim these prices will be accurate at the time of final pricing.

Spectrum Integrity works with customers in emerging and fast paced markets and understand development changes may occur during the layout project. Minor changes in the schematic may not incur additional charges but all changes will be reviewed to determine if it is necessary to re-quote the project.


Payment is due according to the terms extended. Payments not received by the due date shall incur interest charges of 1.5% per month on the unpaid balance. The Customer shall also reimburse Spectrum Integrity for the reasonable expenses incurred in collecting any past due sums.


Order cancellation must be done in writing. Customer will be invoiced for the work performed, up to 100% of the project cost dependent upon the work performed and the phase of the project at the time of cancellation.


The schematic must be approved prior to the commencement of layout. The customer is responsible for the accuracy of the schematic whether completed with Spectrum Integrity's assistance or provided in whole to Spectrum Integrity.

For customer supplied design files, Spectrum Integrity will perform basic data integrity checks and may offer suggestions or assistance if data errors are identified but assumes no liability for the design or design errors. The customer is responsible for the design file, its manufacturability, and its accuracy.

Spectrum Integrity works closely with customer in-house contacts and fabrication partners to maximize performance while minimizing manufacturing costs but does not extend any warranty of functionality, performance, manufacturability, or marketability of the results of the services provided.

Spectrum Integrity will use qualified and certified partners on all fabrication and assembly projects. Customer agrees to inspect all goods upon delivery. Any rejection of non-conforming products must occur within 20 working days for Spectrum Integrity to rework, rebuild, or refund the defective product at Spectrum Integrity's discretion else the products will be deemed in compliance and the customer shall be bound to accept and pay for the products according to the invoice and payment terms specified.

Spectrum Integrity's Guarantee only applies to our original customer and does not extend to any third party. Any warranty or guarantee of products, components, or other materials distributed by our customer are the responsibility of our customer and not Spectrum Integrity.

Spectrum Integrity's liability shall not at any time exceed the amount of the project quote.

Spectrum Integrity shall not be liable for any loss or damage resulting from project or shipping delays.

Warranty claims against fabrication must be done prior to assembly. Customer assembly of delivered boards implies acceptance of the products appearance and tolerances.


Any disputes or claims against Spectrum Integrity that cannot be settled through negotiation in good faith must be settled through mediation administered by the American Arbitration association under its Commercial Mediation Procedures with proceedings occurring in Harris County, TX, USA.