Test Services

  • Network Analyzer testing to 50GHz
  • TDR and TDT Testing
  • BER Testing
  • Scope Measurements up to 12.5Gbps (electrical and optical)
  • Optical Link Testing up to 11.3Gbps with 850 / 1310 / 1550nm
  • Spectrum Analysis & Jitter Testing

Sample TDR of Manufactured Board

TDR Data

Example TDR plot of a transmission path of a high-frequency test fixture showing the characteristics of the connector transition to the PCB and the PCB impedance of its transmission line. Careful attention is given to all aspects of the signal path to ensure excellent impedance characteristics, like this displayed, throughout the entire signal path. The result is an outstanding RF environment for your high-frequency application.

Sample Eye Diagram

Eye Diagram

Eye-Diagram of a 10Gbps 1023 -1 PRBS Data Pattern in a socketed test fixture. The signal exhibits excellent broadband signal integrity due to precision design techniques.

Input Return Loss Characteristics

Input Return Loss Characteristics

Example Excellent Input Return Loss Characteristics for an RF Power Amplifier Test Fixture.